“If there is one thing I know, it’s that after all the right and wrong I have done. I will be eternally grateful for the one thing I did right, giving my heart to you.”
Lexa has only ever loved one man. Grayden Fitzgerald. He has been there for her, her entire life. Through every trial, all the pain and loved her for better or worse. He saved her more times than she could count. Now it was her turn to save him. She must face her greatest challenge, with and without him. Lexa doesn’t know if she is up to the task but with the love of one man backing her. Lexa will give it her all.


I know that not many people will understand my book when they first start it. It makes sense when you get deeper into the story. My book practically wrote itself. Lexa and Den wrote their story. I didn’t know who they were when I began. I was just glad that they picked me to put their story to paper. I know that will seem like a crazy concept to some but it is true. I started writing Twenty-Seven on the 1st of November 2015. I completed it within that month. I was competing in the National November Writing Month, I didn’t officially enter it but I was doing the challenge. The goal was 50,000 words and I flew past it with over 60,000 words. It is the fourth novel length book I have written and it has stuck with me the most hence why it is the first one published. There have been a few comments from my few readers how they wanted a second book. Lexa and Den’s story was told in Twenty-Seven. They don’t want a continuing story on them as it would be their everyday lives. There isn’t a possibility of continuing their story. I have tossed up the idea of writing a short story on one of the other characters and her point of view on the events that happened but that is still on the maybe pile. It is a mixed bag of genres, and they way I wrote it may be confusing to some as the story line does jump from present to past. It is written how the story panned out over the course of November. If I tried to direct the story and try to guess what was going to happen, the course of the story changed. I had no control over what was written. I didn’t even have control over what happened with the rewrites. I had started one rewrite and got half way through and my laptop blew up and I didn’t have it backed up. I don’t even know what was different about that version as it is lost forever. They obviously had other plans and wanted to give me a little more detail into their lives. I know these characters now as if I have known them their whole life.


If you would like to purchase a copy please send me a message on either my Facebook Page or through the contact section on here.




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